Baby Alpaca Pull-Over: 
Baby Alpaca fiber is naturally strong and durable. Some of the more common issues with other fibers such as stains, pilling and static electricity are minimal and even virtually eliminated with proper care and maintenance. You’ll continue to enjoy the softness and comfort by following these simple instructions:

Refreshing your garment is quick and easy. Just turn on the shower and steam up the bathroom! The moisture in the air is all it takes to eliminate any wrinkles. 
You’ll want to avoid stretching your alpaca clothing by hanging sweaters over a padded hanger or folding and placing them in a drawer. 
Periodically brush your alpaca clothing with a lint brush. This will revive the nap and bring out the luster. 
Never use the dryer on the garment.

The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) 
have recommended the following Hand Washing Instructions: 
Wash separately. 
Fill the sink with cold water and mild liquid detergent. Never use bleach. 
Soak the item for three to five minutes and gently squeeze the suds through the garment. Do not twist, wring or scrub. Do not agitate. 
Rinse the item twice in clean, cold water. 
Gently squeeze out excess water. 
Lay the garment between two towels, roll up the towels and let it rest for a few minutes.
Lay the garment on a dry towel and place it in its original shape. 
Allow to dry away from sunlight and direct heat. Turn the item over when the top side is dry and allow the underside to dry. The garment can be lightly steamed with an iron using a press cloth for protection. Or…steam up that bathroom! Any wrinkles will melt away!

Storing and Preservation 
Before storing, make sure that your sweater is fully dry. 
We do not recommend the use of mothballs. 
We provided you with Aroma Bags with your purchase of dried lavender and cloves which help preserve the garment. 
Store in a sealed cedar chest or even in the freezer (in a zip lock bag)



Essential T, Essential V, Essential Long Sleeve, and Special Edition: Separate by color, wash in cold water, tumble dry. Turn inside out to iron if neccessary. 



Snap Back: Do not wash. To clean the headband, take a wet washcloth and put a little detergent and a little Spray and Wash and gently rub down the headband with the wet wash cloth. After you have sufficiently cleaned the headband of sweat stains and soil, rinse the wash cloth out with clear water and once again wash down the headband, cleaning up any left soap. Let dry.



If you have any questions regarding the cleaning and maintenance of you Miles High product do not hesitate to contact us.