Exploring music's inherent ability to relax and inspire. 

Working with Boston-based 501(c)3 non-profit, Ellen’s Heart and Soul, Miles High volunteered to curate the organization’s ‘Music for the Heart and Soul’ Campaign. In this initiative, they are Ellen’s Heart and Soul is collecting old iPods and MP3 players to place into cancer treatment centers for patients to listen to relaxing music before and after chemotherapy treatments. Miles High will be compiling playlists and loading them onto over 400 iPods to be distributed. For more information click here.

001 - 'Cruising Altitude' - DJ Jon Billick New York, United States 
002 - 'Have A Nice Trip' - Poldoore Leuven, Belgium 
003 - 'Bon Voyage' - Viceroy California, United States 
004 - 'Just Loungin'!' - The True Jazzchild Barcelona, Spain
005 - 'Float' - PHONOReason Colorado, United States
006 - 'Palma to Barcelona' - Bahia Deluxe Balearic Islands, Spain
007 - 'Vitality & Consciousness' Potere Infinito, Tallinn, Estonia

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