Live Life Above All.

The world changes before our eyes with seemingly little for us to control. Experiences in our daily lives are blended into one inclusive unruly realm. The Home, defined as "the place where something flourishes", is a venue to look forward to return to after a long, though ultimately swift instant in our lives. It is a resting place, a workspace, or a social club, and is the one environment we have complete control over to remain fixed while the rest of the world changes with haste.

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Miles High is founded on the notion that the home is a sanctuary. As a company dedicated to providing the modern individual with a wardrobe and accouterments for the home it is conducive to a relaxing and serene atmosphere.The importance and function of the home can be overlooked, but Miles High strives to solidify it’s significance. Everything produced, including products and initiatives, embodies the luxury of comfort and style in conjunction with functionality. Miles High will continue to produce, inspired by the crafted home environments of international cultures past and present, to ensure home will always remain sweet home.

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Our Mission of Altruism

We are not in this world alone, nor is it our goal to encourage a laissez- faire lifestyle. Miles High supports the individuals who are contributing their passions to society. It is our mission to empower them, in a purchase for their own experience, to also support others.

The sky is no longer the limit. We are able to provide for our clients while at the same time educating them on issues and the organizations that are putting the effort in to solve these problems day after day.whether it is feeding, clothing, educating, or donating, the greatest donation is the time spent incorporating innovative ways for Miles High consumers to give opportunity, protecting our planet and its inhabitants as if it were our home.

Non-Profit Organizations we've worked with: