GUUMON Bangagon Kaiju (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition Miles High x GUUMON Bangagon Kaiju

Kaiju (怪獣) / Sofubi  is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange creature." They are sub-section of the Designer Toy populace. GUUMON Vinyl Labs, a renowned producer of designer toys has developed a painting technique exclusive for Miles High for their newest release Bangagon. This handpainted Japanese Sofubi sculpture is a perfect piece of contemporary artwork to place on your desk to catalyze creativity, or as a unique piece of art for the home. 

Each Bangagon will be signed and numbered by Brian Mahony, GUUMON owner and designer.

Kaiju / Sofubi Vinyl
~ 9 inches tall
Made in Japan
Hand Painted in Boston, Massachusetts
10 made in 2014